Tuesday, 20 January 2015

And Still In Ikea

Look ……. Ikea have named an oven glove after our Baby Iris …..
We are soooooooo proud and robustly blessed in a Hello Magazine, special issue type way!!!!!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful is that for Ikea to honour baby Iris? .....Castle Greysquirrel will need an ample supply.....perhaps they will soon have more in the Iris line!.....looks like Ikea has great surprises as well as pencil temptations lurking here and there!.....enjoy .....Dianne

marc said...

it is like having a rose named after one but as her name is already a flower a oven glove is the even better to get ones names out there as everybody needs a oven glove big love marc

Mr.D said...

How great. Mind you, this would have worked if Iris had been named Billy, Borgsjö or Finnby.