Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hmmm ….. A New Protector Of Our Portals …..

I think the mystery attached to my credit card being found beside my phone, on the coffee table, on New Years morning is starting to erm …… slowly unravel …. and the mists of hazily vague, half imagined memories are beginning to lift ….. as the parcel that arrived for me yesterday has proven!
So ………. I sort of remember, after a couple of Vimto and Um-Bongo cocktails, thinking that it would be rather nice to have a garden ornament  of a symbolic type nature to capture and reflect the essence that is Castle Greysqurriel ……
……thinking, along the lines of a a playful, faux squirrel,  clambering up our portcullis …… or something similar ….
….. however, I strongly suspect, that in my aforementioned hazy state, I may have keyed in a wrong number or two when entering in the item code  ….. because instead of a “frolicsome squirrel”  I seem to have ordered a rather large and imposing raven, that is far from the embodiment of all things said frolicsome!!
Now, I could return it …… but after some debate, none of which was heated, we all decided that, this fearsome creature could act as quite a deterrent to any person wishing to perpetrate our portals, “A grim guardian of grave foreboding of what may lay within!” as Nigel so succinctly put it!
So Darrell banged up a few nails …… and The Raven Of Castle Greysquirrel is now in situ ……
I just hope that I wasn’t tempted any further, in my much menched haze to order anything else of a similar type ilk …… or I may never live it down!!!


Mr.D said...

Does the raven speak?

Anonymous said...

A big surprise there!..... but it's presence and demeanour might well serve a purpose..... he does have a no nonsense attitude to serve as a warning to those up to no good! .....Dianne

Anonymous said...

WoW! Will you count him in the RSPB Great Garden Bird Watch weekend?
JantheFan x