Monday, 19 January 2015

Ikea Pencil Amnesty

I am not very pleased with Nigel at all  ….. and we have had words!
Unbeknownst to me, as we were going around Ikea on Saturday …………
………. Nigel was availing himself of several pencils from every pencil box he passed …….
…… and I did wonder why he rattled slightly as he headed towards the exit a bit sharpish, as I paid for our items at the self service checkout.
However, it was not until we got home and he asked if I happened to have a spare, plastic box that he could put things in ………..
………. that I found the full extent of his erm ……….. misdemeanour.
One or two pencils I wouldn’t have minded, but this was wayyyyyyyyy too many!  What on earth was he thinking of?
He said he had thought they would be very useful in the kitchen at work for ticking things off with …… as no one could ever seem to find a pencil.  A noble intention, but I told him that no doubt, his actions, though of innocent intent, would no doubt have been spotted on the CCTV.Poor Nigel, his expression was one of complete horror, picturing himself standing in the dock, before a judge passing sentence and condemning him sternly with the immortal words “Take him down”. 
“They had so many,” he said “I didn’t think they would miss a few!  I promise, promise, promise to return them all next time we go or even post them back to them! I don’t want to go to prison…..I am too young!!!!!!! ”
I told him that I doubted any harm had been done and Ikea did have a lot of said pencils but it might be wise in the future not to make a habit of helping himself to more than one ….. per visit! 


Mr.D said...

Nigel's rattle - at least it wasn't a death rattle.
William Hill lose 80,000 per day! Incredible.

Mr.D said...

P.S. Exactly where did he secrete them?

Anonymous said...

Whew..lesson learned .....I would think Ikea wouldn't mind one bit if you took home the pencil you were using in store.......Dear Nigel did get carried away, but those hundreds of pencils are bound to capture a young monkey's attention.......just another of life's thorny experiences and lessons...Dianne

Anonymous said...

I blame CBB myself - just WHAT is shenanigans are going on inside that house. There will be no Ikea pencils in there that's for sure.
No wonder Nigel likes the pencils - perfect size for him. JantheFan x

marc said...

now all you need is some free wall paper samples and you can make pads to go with them lol big love marc