Sunday, 11 January 2015

Breakfast …… Without Hugh!

After his big night out in Birmingham, Nigel was woken up by Hugh’s driver Mellors with a most welcome cup of hot steaming tea.
Nigel couldn’t help but gaze over to Hugh’s bed, to see that Hugh was sitting very upright, clad in his enormous sunglasses and even more Mr Bump sticky plasters, feeling very, very sorry for himself  “Nigelle,” he whimpered in a very sad, showbiz type voice “I do not sink I can go down for zee breakfast zis morning, looking like zis, no? You go down and how you say, fill your boots, and I will ‘ave zee room service bring me up somesing zat I will not have to move my face to get down!”
It has to be said that it didn’t feel quite right for Nigel to leave Hugh, but there again, it would have looked most rude not to avail himself of both the excellent full English and Continental Breakfast provided ……..
…… of which Nigel gave a good account of a most ample sufficiency …….
…….. twice over …….
…… including several slices of toast, delicately daubed with our savoury spread of choice, Marmite, whose presence at breakfast, in our opinion, is always a sign of a top class hostelry !
Breakfast over, Nigel went back to his room and found Hugh somewhat resembling the invisible man, swathed in bandages preparing to leave, incognito “Oh Nigelle, vat can I say?  I am so, so, so, tres embarrassed, zis ‘as not been zee treat for you zat I ‘oped it vud be!  Can you ever forgive me darling?  I promise, I will make zis up to you, when time ‘as healed zees weeping wounds and scars ……!”,  a little over melodramatic, but zat that is Hugh!
At that, they bid their fond farewells by means of air kiss type gestures  ….. as Hugh could not bear to be touched and then Mellors escorted Nigel to New Street Station making sure he was put on the right train home, before he took Hugh back to Notting Hill, driving at a snails pace and avoiding all bumps, but resisting Hugh’s request for a police outriders!!!!


Mr.D said...

Full English breakfast PLEASE!
Marmite should not be delicately daubed, but slathered on.
Once again, you have got my mouth watering.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, poor poor Hugh! brave to endure all this to put his best face forward for his fans .....lucky he has dedicated Mellors by his side (actually in the front seat driving oh so carefully) .... Nigel really hit the jackpot with that great breakfast!... Nigel is truly broadening his horizons...... Dianne

Mr.D said...

Dianne, Nigel is truly broadening his horizons - agreed but with that much food he could be broadening his beam too.