Friday, 16 January 2015

Finally ….. It’s All Come Back To Me

FINALLY …… I think, I can now recall exactly what I was doing on New Years Eve with my credit card …… thanks to an envelope with a Ticketmaster logo on it, that dropped through the letter box yesterday morning ……You may remember, before the U&V (Um-Bongo and Vimto) haze fell upon us, that we had watched Queen in Concert (the group, not our very favourite Royal Family member of choice), and Darrell sighing deeply and going all whimsical, saying how much he’d love to see Queen (the group, not our aforementioned very favourite royal family member of choice), in real life, in concert …..
Well …….. when I handed the said envelope over to Darrell, it contained one ticket for him to see Queen, which I had found, with some difficulty and purchased with said credit card, enabling Darrell to put the first mahooooosive tick on his 2015 Bucket List.
Let’s just say that at first Darrell was totally stunned and very, very quiet, as he just looked and then lovingly stroked his ticket …….
…… and then it got emotional and a tiny bit snotty, so I had to remove the ticket from under Darrell and put it somewhere safe …. and dry!!
When he had recovered sufficiently, Darrell couldn’t stop saying thank you and hugging me rather moistly ……What I didn’t tell him is that I have also booked him into a hotel for the night .  It would be nice to think it might be the same hotel as Queen are staying at ……. now that would be the icing on the cake, but highly improbable I know!!
…. AND Nigel will be going too, but that would be all too much to reveal in one go!!!  So I will break that in gently in a day or two ……Happy Daze!!!!!


Anonymous said...

With your memory restored, all is well with this fantastic Queen odyssey!.... surprises galore in store for Darrell and Nigel.... sooo lovely when wishes of the heart come true....what a start for the new year! ......Much Love, Dianne

Mr.D said...

That will be one superb night. I don't think he will sleep much in the hotel after the concert. He will be on such a high.

marc said...

o my darlings your going to love it one was very good friends with the late dear departed freddie we was such a darling boy and still missed so much by his friends enjoy enjoy enjoy big air kiss and show biz wave with a small tear in ones eye love hugh