Thursday, 1 January 2015

Our Last Supper Of 2015 …..

Let’s just say, last night Nigel surpassed himself with a 19 poppadum pile…….with extra dips and side dishy things…..
…….. followed by a most robust and rapturous round of spontaneous applause from all the attending waiters and fellow diners!!!
Darrell managed one and a half poppadums, as he was saving himself for his minty lamb ……..
……. and very much enjoyed two, before clearing my plate of a very acceptable chicken balti and keema nan, leaving, as you can no doubt see, nothing for Mr (or Mrs) Manners.
…… all washed down with a very cheeky Cobra beer or two.  We did peruse the dessert menu, tempting though it was, but then Granddad Colin suggested a “snifter” back at his ….. after which, it all got a bit hazy ……. I think we were home in time to hear Big Ben chime in 2015 and see the fireworks, and I seem to remember Darrell getting a little emotional thinking of Hugh partying somewhere very en trend and romantic in Notting Hill ….. but again, it is all a bit hazy ……. perhaps a little later on today, it might slowly begin to come back to me!  But in the meantime ……. HAPPY NEW 2015!!!!


Mr.D said...


Shouting done. You have got my mouth watering.

A very happy New Year to Mum, Monkey, Darrell,Nigel, Hugh and all the posters on "Monkey News."

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Boyz - looking forward to sharing another fantastic year with you and continuing to be hungry with all these foody related blogs you bring to it's been ages since I've had a good curry.....I'm off to find the takeaway menu.......JantheFan x

Pamela said...

No curry for me thanks - yuck!
Happy New Year to everyone at Castle Grey Squirrel.

Margaret said...

Happy New Year from Greece or as we say here ΚΑΛΗ ΧΡΟΝΙΑ! and special greeting from the monkey family - Petros and Polly!

Anonymous said...

You do bring us mouthwatering meal descriptions! ..... So very many thanks to all of you at Castle Greysquirrel for sharing your 2014 exciting and fun everyday adventures ..... loved every special moment!....May 2015 bring many happy times .....Dianne