Saturday, 17 January 2015

Find Some Scissors …..

Nigel does seem to have an any uncanny and robust gift for finding unusual items laying abandoned, on the pavement, on his way to work …….
….. and yesterday morning was no exception, when he found a pair of scissors ….. find some scissors, pick them up and all day long they’ll bring you luck????????
Nigel was almost tempted to take them to put with his other found treasures, but saw they were rather rusty, which had possibly rendered them not all that lucky or useful ………. I also think that he may have envisaged my stern expression and proclamation that we really didn’t need any more rubbish amidst our portals, as he proudly showed me his latest acquisition when he came home, so he sensibly placed them out of the harms way from joggers, and cats, and perhaps the occasional hedgehog, on a nearby wall and wondered what he might find next!


Mr.D said...

Is Nigel becoming more mature and sensible? Or does he just want to avoid the stern opprobrium of mum's monkey?

marc said...

Nigel is a modern day bagpuss big love marc

Anonymous said...

when a found treasure comes your way,so many decisions (and temptation) for one little monkey!.... dear Nigel!.... common sense prevailed! but he did have a fun little adventure ......Dianne