Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Mary Berry Eat Your Heart Out …..Top Tea Treats From The Equally Lovely Denise

We were all invited round for tea at The Equally Lovely Denise and The Ever Patient Ken’s after work yesterday, as The Equally Lovely Denise had been experimenting of a High Tea type nature and knows that Darrell has his finger in the pie of London culinary de rigueur through Hugh and that we ALL share a mutual and very keen interest in all things comestible …….. so she valued our opinion.
Let’s just say ……OMG, OMG, OMG  …….The Equally Lovely Denise had pulled out the stops and certainly knows how to wow …..making the most delectable individual fruit salads and then serving them in little sealed jars …….
Not only did they taste absolutely wonderful but they looked soooooooo cute too, for which we just had to award an unstinting and unanimous 110% on our Richter Scale of Novel Fruit Salad noms and will be something we will ourselves be serving up at Castle Greysquirrel when we entertain next.
There were also cup cakes that would put even Mary Berry to shame, and of which The Equally Lovely Denise had set aside a mahoooosive Tupperware box full for us to take home, knowing that though we would very much appreciate their extra light fluffiness and moreish whipped icing, we wouldn’t wish to appear greedy by taking, seconds,  thirds, fourths, fifths and sixths!!!!
And Nigel’s favourites? ….. It had to be The Equally Lovely Denise’s Chocolate meringues …… “OMGGGGGG….” he sighed after his unembarrassed third,  “They were just like angels kisses”, which made The Equally Lovely Denise blush profusely ……
Yes, it has to be said that The Equally Lovely Denise does make an exceedingly good cake and we very much look forward to being invited round again for tea …. anytime …. whatever we are doing, no matter how important, we will drop it!!!


Mr.D said...

"We very much look forward to being invited round again for tea …. anytime …. whatever we are doing, no matter how important, we will drop it!!!" Everything except baby Iris surely!

Here in Mexico you can get "Beso de Ángel" ice cream - Kiss of an Angel, but not Angel Kiss meringues.

Anonymous said...

Delicious! I think the lovely Denise should have a tea party for all the lovely peeps who visit this blog - I'll go first on the list please! Yum! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

With meringues like angel kisses, there can be no doubt this was a most heavenly tea .....with fruit salad and beautiful cupcakes, the Equally Lovely Denise is a hostess who does know how to have a tea everyone will remember!....it doesn't get any better than beautiful and delicious .....Lucky you!..... Dianne

Mr.D said...

The tea looks wonderful but ELL lives a bit far for Dianne and me.

marc said...

o when i come to visit can i go to tea at the lovely Denise it looks even better than the savoy or ritz tea one usually has it indeed looks like a tea fit for a queen big angel light air kiss hugh