Saturday, 31 December 2016

New Years Eve 2016 –Here’s To Settling Down With A Cheeky Cocktail Or Two

We all decided that this year New Years Eve should be a gentle and family occasion, 2016 was a bit of a rollercoaster,  so we would like 2017 to enter gently like a stately galleon, in the hope that  we will sail through the coming year just as smoothly.
Light a candle Christmas Eve 2016But before we settle down for the evening we have hung a small lantern from one of the trees down on the riverbank …..
awe and wonder christmas EveLight a candle on Christmas Eve
…….. to help guide in the New Year in a subtle and discrete way, without the need for whistles, bells and flutes, party poppers, extravagant firework displays, crazy string or balloons…..
Nigel Christmas EveThen, Darrell has promised us an evening of Pringles, pickled onions and sophisticated cheeses accompanied by cocktails mixed by his own fair hand, from our deluxe cocktail cabinet, something we promised ourselves that we would have when we moved, as befitting bijoux apartment living.
bijoux cocktail cabinetDarrell has put in an awful lot of time poring over his cocktail recipe books …..
New Year CocktailsNew Year Cocktails 2016
He says he has been looking for something that would “ …….. reflect the mood and colour of the river on this final day of the year!”  Hmmmmmmm, well, I have to say it’s looking a bit murky at the moment…….
Riverside Cocktails.…….. so, I think it will be probably be a round of mudslides, possibly followed by a cheeky Long Island Iced Tea or two.  It has to be said that poor Darrell has also had the additional problem of finding cocktails with wholesome names that won’t provoke probing questions from an enquiring Nigel!  We would rather not have to explain a Slippery N***le to him, so we've knocked that one on the head entirely!
xxx Wishing you a very Happy New Year & a very safe night tonight. xxx


Mr.D said...

No screws of any type either!
Aren't you a bit premature with the New Year wishes?
Never mind.
Happy New Year!

PharmacyMichele said...

Can't wait to hear which cocktail was everyone's favourite. My favourite tipple at this time of year is a Snowball.

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy & crafty New Year.


Ze Monkeys said...

"Guten Rutsch" and Happy New Year to you too!! xxx

Anonymous said...

May 2017 bring all good cheer,
To those who are close and those you hold dear,
May it bring health, wealth and so much more,
With heaps of good fortune knocking on your door,
May prayers be answered and blessings abound,
With peace surrounding you and love forever found.

JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Love your New Year's celebration and especially the beautiful lantern to light the way.....New Year's Eve Riverside is looking very romantic and with Darrell ensuring traditional cocktails are given a new twist, it will be another night to remember.....sending much love and good wishes to all...Dianne