Saturday, 18 February 2017

My Tea-Spot of the Week – Word of Mouth Café , Evesham

Yesterday afternoon I thought I would pop  into Word of Mouth Café, somewhere I have passed by many, many times, but never ventured in ……
Evesham Word of MOuthEvesham Abbey
…… it’s right by the Abbey and so is in a very picturesque part of town.
Word Of Mouth Cafe EveshamMain Street Evesham
It did not disappoint…….
Cakes Today Word of MouthWord of MOuth Cake Selection.
…….. with a very full and robust choice of cake.
Word of Mouth Cake selectionI have to admit, I did linger for quite a while at the said cake counter, because when it comes to choosing cake I can’t be hurried. I like to take my time with important decisions.
Word of Mouth EveshamIn the end I opted for the date,oat and raspberry slice. It was almost too wonderful for words. I would describe it as a slice of pure comfort, moist and rich, I ate it very, very slowly so as to savour all its loveliness in its entirety.
Word of Mouth Evesham. This is definitely a place to bring Hugh when he pays a State Visit, as it specializes in food for allergy sufferers, vegans, vegetarians as well us meat eaters, and as far as I could see, there wasn’t a quiche in sight, which would please Hugh immensley …. as he would say “Not all vegitareans eat quiche, darling!”Vegan food of the dayAnd I know that Darrell and Nigel, would always be up for a “Guest Sausage Roll”
MenuThere were books all around the café and after a little mooching I discovered that they have an Honesty Book Shop where you can borrow a book and bring it back, swap one of your books for one of theirs or just buy one, with all the money received being sent to Uganda to help pay for a young boys school fees. There were a couple of titles I quite fancied, so that’s a no brainer.
Word of Mouth Word of Mouth Book Club
The café is very homely and cosy, but sadly it’s not really big enough for us to wheel in a double buggy when we are on Baby Patrol, however in the warmer weather it would be a most excellent spot for sitting outside ……… and perhaps …… do a little people watching!
morris dancers


Mr.D said...

Looks great! My mouth is watering.
Careful with the last photo - I can just see Nigel wanting to do Morris dancing.

PharmacyMichele said...

The cafe looks most interesting & certainly looks to have a fantastic selection of goodies. Do you have room for guests wanting to sample everything you tempt us with??


Anonymous said...'s all mouthwatering to me......and I LOVE cafe's which have's a great idea - there is a cafe near us which has second hand books to sell - great one to pop into for a coffee and a novel or three! JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Another slice of Evesham heaven!.....Lovely place for Hugh but it just might be too much for Darrell to escape temptation.....a special treat for fans to visit Evesham's offerings and have a calorie free vicarious experience! ...happy Saturday wishes from Dianne