Tuesday, 21 February 2017

German Confectionary Review No.2 Bahlsen ABC Russisch Brot.

For our Germanic delectation today Nigel selected the packet of ABC Russisch Brot, which our German Freunde Ze Monkeys kindly explained meant Russian Bread …… we were intrigued …….
ABC Russian Bread….. and even more so when Ze Monkeys added, in their note, that they were neither Russian or bread, so intrigue, piled up on confectionary intrigue!
ABC Russian Bread. aThe contents of the bag were more than generous, and as pre-warned, didn’t look Russian or like bread. They looked more like a very light and glossy biscuit, and we anticipated that they would have a gingery taste about them.
ABC Russian Bread 1The texture was indeed very light and crispy and the flavour ….. was not at all gingery but more of  a rich, dark comforting treacle, and they certainly did not disappoint. They were very, very moreish, and quickly disappeared in a flurry of very happy nomming.
German Russian Bread…… but not before we tried to spell out “nom” with them ….. sadly the only proper word we could make was “nice” with a kiss, which was rather feeble considering our very positive reaction to them, but then Nigel pointed out that as they are German they were probably only made to spell German words, and we don’t know any!
And our score? As I said, we were very, very  impressed, and so for ABC Russisch Brot we would like to score them a robust 125 furlongs out of 130, on our now, almost world famous, Richter Scale of Noms.


Mr.D said...

Treacle reminded me of Golden Syrup sponge pudding with custard.
Nomtastic! My mouth is watering!

PharmacyMichele said...

It's a good job I read your write up or I'd have thought you were sending out an SOS suggesting you had Mice, think I need an eye test!


Dianne said...

They really do look tasty....love the glossy surface; sounds like an delicious flavour ....always like the rich taste of molasses (treacle) in a biscuit...another German winner for certain!

Anonymous said...

They do look 'nice' too........JantheFan x

Ze Monkeys said...

We're glad you liked them so much there weren't enough letters left to write "lecker". :)