Monday, 13 February 2017

Dishcloth Dilemma

I try not to be too precious about matters of a domestic type nature, but some things really get to me ……. like, what happens to dishcloths in the wash?
IMG_0679I like to buy a reasonable quality dishcloth, having experimented with the cheaper variety  and occasionally splashing out on a higher end product, but always with the same result……..
IMG_0681…… they always start out flat and perfectly shaped and I am proud to use them …….
Ragged dishcloths…… yet within a couple of washes they seem to bear no resemblance to their former selves, becoming misshapen, twisted and almost impossible to lie flat ……. to wit, they become an embarrassment to my tea towel drawer, and I refuse to iron them. I am now considering just getting a set for “best” when we have guests and then using one of Darrell’s or my ripped up old t-shirts for the rest of the time! Aghhhhhhh!!!


Mr.D said...

Maybe just put them somewhere else, so they aren't an embarrassment. Or hide them under the tea towels.

PharmacyMichele said...

I sympathise on your dishcloth dilemma-can I suggest you try Spontex brand, I've found them to be excellent.


Dianne said...

Ah yes, the age old question: what exactly happens in the washer and dryer to turn things into misshapen and no longer flat fabric? Fabric often just seems to curl up into a whole new shape.....a mystery that keeps us guessing!.....good luck finding a workable answer!...Love you, Dianne

Anonymous said...

You have sympathy Monkey as I have found this problem with my dishcloths too. I think I will have to take up Michele's suggestion and try the Spontex band. Life can just get SO complicated at times. JantheFan x