Friday, 3 February 2017

Muddy Waters And A Noisy Weir

Living so close to the river we are all beginning to realise how quickly it changes, each day it can look completely different, and as such Nigel had become very “at one with it, sensing its moods”, which I have to say sounds more like Darrell than Nigel, but still!   To be honest, I didn’t think we had had all that much rain while Darrell and Nigel had been away in The Homeland, I would have said that it had just been spitting, but Nigel picked up on it straight away.
weir He said he knew that the river was “up” before he had even seen it, as he could just about hear the roar of the weir from outside the flat, despite it being at least half a mile down from us ……
Beach.…… and then when he looked out the back, he described it as looking like Willy Wonka’s river of chocolate but carrying lots of debris and stuff. The water had risen almost to the top of the fisherman’s platforms and the ducks and geese were zooming past at a speed of knots, with the minimum of paddlage …….
Canada Geese Evesham.I have to admit, I had sort of started to take part of it for granted, until Nigel’s bubbling enthusiasm reawakened me, perhaps having a few days of solitude and peace and quiet without Darrell and Nigel  had chilled me a little too much …….
Early Morning on the River Avon 1Early morning on the river avon
…… but Nigel’s unbridled effervescence soon pulled me up.
IMG_0411He was soon up town, standing on the Workmans Bridge to see what was happening there …..
ducks in a row…….. to find that the river had risen over the path, reaching the litter bins, and under the benches, confusing the ducks
IMG_0404It was then that Nigel decided that he needed to learn more about “his river”, as he was feeling very lacking in the geography department, where did it come from and where did it go?  He resolved that next time he went to Music, Rhythm and Rhyme at the library with Iris and Bertie he would do some in depth research and become “a fountain of all knowledge” …… what is he like?


Mr.D said...

"Nigel’s bubbling enthusiasm." "Nigel’s unbridled effervescence." Effervescence in Chemistry is to emit bubbles of gas. Is this what Nigel does? Is it a medical problem? The fans need to know!

With that much gas, Nigel swimming would be even faster than the ducks.

PharmacyMichele said...

That looks very dramatic. I hope Nigel has fun researching all about the river.


Anonymous said...

The exciting voyage of discovery - always thrilling. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

wONDERFUL! Nigel is becoming a real "river man", if there is such a title! A whole world of wonder out there ...... love it;never ending adventure and fascinating happenings riverside .....daily river watching is a must!.....keep us informed, Love, Dianne