Saturday, 11 February 2017

A Proposed Theoretical German Confectionary Review Becomes A Reality …..

OMG …..there has been much robust excitement going on behind the scenes chez nous,  e-mails have been flying back and forth between The Towers and our lovely, lovely friends Ze Monkeys  in romantic and Teutonic Germany, pondering the possibility of our doing a “theoretical German confectionary review”. 
Parcel from Germany 2 bNow, to our shame, we have never (to our best knowledge) experienced anything of comestible German origin, so to refuse such a wonderful offer would be most rude, so arrangements were set up and we have been anticipating a postal delivery ………
Parcel from Germany 1….. and yesterday morning it arrived, the intercom buzzed and when Darrell went to the door there it was, a box of Germanic mystery!
Parcel from Germany 2The expectation that filled our lounge was both tangible and palpable …. my hands were shaking as I started to open the box.
Parcel from Germany 4Just inside the box, resting on the top, was a card that Darrell opened and read out to of us with a quivering voice…….
Card from Germany……. you could have heard a pin drop, Nigel and I hung on every word.
letter from GermanyAnd then, we delved further into the box, beyond the paper protecting its contents …….
German Comestible Treatsbut what greeted us was overwhelming, we had perhaps expected a bar of chocolate and perhaps a biscuit or two, but what we found was a veritable supermarket sweep of wonderfulness!
fizzy drink powder…… and everything had a note on it, so that we would know exactly what each item was, just in case the German language flummoxed us a little.
IMG_0756German Chocolate b
There was chocolate with hazelnut bits and, can you believe, chocolate you put on bread, now that’s a first, for any of us!
German Laughter GumsThere was the very intriguing sounding “Laughter Gums” with extra vitamins, always a bonus ……..
German Russian Bread …….. and alphabetical Russian Bread ………
Milka …….. it was becoming almost too much to bear………….…….German Marzipan…....where on earth would you start when embarking on a series of German Comestible Reviews?
Brause-Brockengerman chocolate
Darrell was a little concerned about his slimming regime, but decided to roughly guess the Syn value of each item by comparing it to the nearest British equivalent thus, hopefully, preventing any untoward fluctuations on his weigh-in days.
Treat BoxI have put the box in a safe place, Darrell and I have agreed to let Nigel choose a “treat” every other day to review and muse upon, and there is to be no poking ……..
What can we say? Thank you Ze Monkeys, we will not let you down, and if there is anything of a British comestible nature that you can’t get freely in Germany it would be a pleasure to return such a wonderful thought ….. perhaps some scratchings, or something local to Evesham?  We await your requests!


Mr.D said...

What an amazing box of goodies. My younger brother's wife is German and they get some German sweets, cakes and biscuits in Lidl.
How do you say "nomtastic" in German?

PharmacyMichele said...

WOW-that goodie box looks better than a Christmas hamper!! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on some of the delights you've shown us.


Ze Monkeys said...

Woop woop! We can't wait to find out what you will be reviewing first!! Xxxx

Dianne said...

So very thoughtful and what fun filled days ahead! Can't wait to see what goodies are in those packages....very wise to enjoy only one at a time ......what a special gift!....Love, Dianne

marc said...

you know rick and i have friends in Germany and have found many a treat there we can not wait to see what treats of a Bavarian nature you will bring to the table of snack delights big love marc

Anonymous said...

How exciting! Look forward to hearing all the the contents and the tastes thereof. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...
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