Saturday, 4 February 2017

Darrell Finally Sorts Out Our 2017 Greek Odyssey

Darrell and Nigel have now returned from The Homeland, with Darrell exclaiming that he felt reinvented reformed rejuvenated and that it was about time, as we had a cupboard stacked high with holiday brochures “….. we get this odyssey started”
Thomas Cook Holidays So, he sat with Nigel (who was under strict orders that he could sit quietly but not interject), with the final brochure of choice and our exacting list of holiday requirements, i.e no more that 100 yards from a beach, said beach had to be sandy, no shingle or stones, within walking distance of the local tavernas and restaurants, no steep paths or steps, and quiet ……. we have no wish to partake in any reckless holiday tattooing, lines of shots, or humongous fish bowl cocktails.
Thomas Cook CorfuAfter about an hour or so of umming and ahhhhing Darrell got up, went to the computer and announced that “……. we had a pope” and that he would require silence, no questions were to be asked and that he would require my credit card!Thomas Cook Corfu.Twenty minutes later he sighed, thanked Nigel and I for our co-operation and announced that this years Greek Odyssey would be to the Island of Corfu, (but nowhere near Kavos!). Our chosen resort had met all our holiday requirements and we now had five months to get prepare to get into our budgie smugglers!  Happy Days, Happy Days indeed!


Mr.D said...

"Said beach had to be sandy, no shingle or stones." Not even holey stones?
Will Darrell redouble his diet efforts?

PharmacyMichele said...

Momentous decision made-sounds like a fantastic choice. No holiday destination sorted in this household....yet!!


Dianne said...

WOW! Darrell's in charge with complete confidence and it's full steam ahead! The odyssey criteria sounds perfect and Darrell delivered!...Darrell's certain to be sleek and slim in time for Greek luxuriating beach side.....exciting! Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Lucky boyz, not sure about the budgies tho! JantheFan x