Thursday, 16 February 2017

What’s He Like?

Darrell says he can really tell he’s starting to lose weight ……..
skeleton t-shirt……. as he can now see his ribs!!!!  What is he like?


Mr.D said...

Dem bones?
A rib tickler?

PharmacyMichele said...

I think Darrell needs to stop this dieting lark right now!! Then he can join in sampling all the goodies in your gift box.


Dianne said...

Slimming miracles do happen! Or miracle optic illusions! Does this mean Darrell is getting close to his goal? He is looking a tad underweight and "hollow"!....Love from Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - this waiflike mod-del look is not becoming Darrell, you've gone way to far to the other side now - get a fistful of those German goodies across those sweet lips of yours! Be as synful as you like. JantheFan x