Sunday, 19 February 2017

Always Something Going On

There is always something interesting to read about on the notice boards scattered round Evesham.NoticeboardIn the Garden of England and surrounding fertile areas cross fertilisation, sprouting, forking, rooting up and pollinating are very much a way of life. If we had a garden of our own, a daily mulching and drilling would be de rigeuer, and seed swapping  a definite date on our horticultural calendar ………Seed swap……. but alas, this is not a pleasure we can take part in, being without a garden, unless ……. I apply for an allotment????
ClementiBut, there are always plenty of intellectual talks we could go to  …… an evening learning about Clementi, “Born in Rome and Died in Evesham”. Sadly, I am found ignorant and wanting, but I am sure Mr D can enlighten us.  Perhaps this might be a little too heady and heavy for us at the moment, however, I will keep looking, because there is bound to be something that will eventually fire our imaginations and broaden our horizons, beyond the odd confectionary or cake review.


PharmacyMichele said...

I was rather hoping you were going to the talk about Clementi so I could know a bit more myself, ah well -It will always remain a mystery.


Mr.D said...

I knew Clementi was a composer. I had a book of piano music by Clementi when I was about ten. The Preludes and Exercises for piano were written for piano students going from beginners to advanced. I used to play them regularly.

I didn't know he died in Evesham.

Dianne said...

Who knows what fascinating Evesham information will come your way and spark your interest?......Come summer the river will be alive with not only fisherman but boats of all sorts......did pirates (in disguise of course) ever find their way up the Avon and bury treasure? One never knows what ghost stories or buried treasure might lurk along that river!....wishing you adventures ahead, Dianne