Friday, 17 February 2017

Nigel’s Bargain Hunt Aspirations

When we are home just chilling, we all very much enjoy watching Bargain Hunt with our mid morning coffee and chocolate covered Hob Nob. I also think that Nigel quite fancies that he could be rather good on it, if, they could find a red or blue jacket that would fit him ……
Evesham Anitque centre…….. as he has taken to having a mooch round a couple of Evesham’s antiques centres after Music, Rhythm and Rhyme at the library on a Friday afternoon.
vesham Antique CentreHe reckons that if he could get this very desirable majolica plate of crusteans for £35 (currently marked up at £45), he could almost double his money if he went to auction, no problem!
crustancean antique  Majolica plate
However, he also thinks that it could add a certain something to the ambience of  our lounge. I am not so sure, I think it could turn into the stuff of nightmares! I can imagine, one evening, with lights dimmed, and a little too much cheese for supper,  Nigel and Darrell scaring themselves witless thinking that they seen a tentacle or feeler move!!!
lobster on a plateIt is definitely an acquired taste and perhaps more suited to the walls of an en-trend  fish restaurant rather than our bijoux riverside apartment!


Mr.D said...

"Very desirable?" Maybe by Nigel.
Other people? I'm not so sure.

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-that plate is destined to give you nightmares. Let's hope is sells quickly & Nigel finds something else to catch his attention.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this plate reminds Nigel of what could be lurking on the riverbed - now there's a thought..........not a fan of those plates myself - have seen them on the aforementioned Bargain Hunt - a keen watcher of the programme myself I have to admit. I am in awe of Paul Laidlaw - what a guy! JantheFan x
p.s. I think you would be excellent as contestants on the programme!

Dianne said...

MY oh My, that plate is overloaded with sea life!.....don't think I would care for it in my china cupboard; not quite sure where it would be at home.......poor dear Nigel; for some reason it has captured his hopes and dreams.....dream on come what may, love from Dianne

Ze Monkeys said...

If Nigel is still on the lookout for a suitable pet, perhaps we should be grateful he only fancies ceramic lobsters and not live ones. That being said, better keep him away from that plate... it might give him ideas.