Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Vale - My Monthly Magazine Of Choice

I very much enjoy reading The Vale, Evesham’s premier free  magazine, a pile of which gets left in our communal porch once a month by an unseen deliverer.
IMG_0651I like to keep it for when Darrell and Nigel are out and I can have five minutes to myself to peruse it’s articles.
Woodpeckers Birds of The MonthIn the February issue the Woodpecker is the Bird of the Month, so far I have only spotted one in the communal garden, but hopefully he/she will be back in the coming months.  There is also an article on Kay McGowan’s spirit guide, who appears, in spectacular spooky form on the cover, spirit guides being of particular interest to us all, as our much loved physic Derek Acorah’s spirit guide Sam has very often come to his aid during many an episode of Most Haunted in the past.
The Vale. Evesham MagazineIt was also through The Vale that we found our oven cleaner, a couple of days out and the odd voucher for 2 meals for £10 at a local carvery.  I think I may challenge Darrell and Nigel to come up with a poem, with a maximum of 25 lines on “What Makes Evesham Special For You” for the Evesham Festival of Words in July …… however goodness only knows what they would come up with, I fear it may consist solely of words describing their favourite tea shops and cakes what they have tasted!!!


Mr.D said...

The Vale looks like a great read.
The carvery deal has got my mouth watering.

PharmacyMichele said...

Your local magazine looks great-we only receive a free newspaper which is nowhere near as classy as The Vale.


Dianne said...

The Vale is certainly a worthwhile the name and it reminds me of the old hymn from my childhood, The Church in the Wildwood, with "the little brown church in the vale". We used to have a giant woodpecker come to a huge Loblolly pine in our backyard.....Enjoy your reading time....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Like the look of that mag - love local ones which have all the goss on places to go and places to be seen. There are always nuggets of info in them about local events. I'm behind you all the way on the poem thingy - you should write about things of which you are well informed - and yes if tea shops and cakes are your specialised subject - go for it boyz - you have nothing to lose! JantheFan x