Thursday, 9 February 2017

Pudding Review - Dr Oetker Lemon Pud in a Mug

When Darrell and Nigel were Poundshop shopping in The Homeland last week  Darrell made a considered purchase of two packets of Dr Oetker lemon flavour Pud in A Mug (2 for £1), thinking that they might make an interesting Microwave Pudding Review.
Dr Oetker pud in a mugLemon Pud in a mug Dr Oetker
And on their return to The Towers Nigel, naturally,  was a most willing assistant in their testing.
Dr Oetker Lemon pud in a mug.It couldn’t have been more simpler, all they had to do was put 4 tablespoons of milk into a mug, add the contents of the packet and mix until smooth ….. making wishes as they whisked at Nigel’s insistence ……
Dr Oetker Lemin pud in a mug.……. before putting in the microwave for 90 seconds at 600mph.
Microwave pud in a mug dr oetkerAll bode well ……
lemon flavour pud in a mug Dr Oetker….. but the proof of the pudding, they say, is in the eating…….
pud in a mug..…… and it has to be said, that it on this occasion Dr Oetker’s lemon pud in a mug disappointed and was found wanting by our “experts”.
pud in a mugThe pud was spongy, but in an artificial microwave type way, which then gave way to a very distinct chewiness which in turn lacked a preferred comely moistness. Custard may have helped, but would still have not hidden the rubbery undertones it would be disguising.
Dr Oetker oud in a mug. lemonFor 50pm it was worth a punt, but sadly a punt that will not be repeated at The Towers, as Nigel and Darrell only awarded it a most emphatic and paltry 0.98 on their Pud in a Mug scale of almost none existent noms.  Oh well, onwards and upwards hopefully for their next pudding review.
NB:- for all those concerned for Darrell’s diet, all “SYNS” were accounted for during this review and no Darrell’s weight loss was not in any way hindered.


Mr.D said...

Worth a punt? An Irish punt? I don't think so.

Mrs A. said...

Thanks for the review. I was just in time to stop Norm from rushing out and buying some. hugs Mrs A.

Dianne said...

Well there's an idea; a pudding in a mug! Is it possible a microwave that has a 600mph setting was just too much for something in a mug? Live and learn but there will be another time!..Best loving wishes, Dianne

Anonymous said...

I'll avoid that then - only Yorkshire Gold goes in my mug from now on. JantheFan x

marc said...

a mug what my darlings is a mug big show biz wave Hugh