Sunday, 5 February 2017

5th February 2017 –It’s National Yorkshire Pudding Day

Without doubt you’ve probably got it in your diaries already, but just in case ……. today, 5th February, is National Yorkshire Pudding Day.
Yorkshire Pudding Day 2017Unfortunately, the Yorkshire Puddings featured in this post were made earlier by my own good self, specifically to illustrate this greatest of great comestible days, however, erm……… they did not puff up as I had hoped and I admit to leaving them in the oven for a fraction too long.
Burnt Offerings National Yorkshire Pudding Day 2017However, rest assured, I shall be making another batch, concentrating this time, and then we ……….. well, Nigel and I, will indulge copiously in celebration …………
Can't bear to lookDarrell, with his iron will and resolute said that he will join us, but will just have a very small one with a smidgeon of gravy, accompanied by a mega pile of our Sunday vegetables of choice and a slice or two of roast beef  …… no pudding, just an apple and a Muller fat free yoghurt later on in the afternoon.  His determination to look ripped in his budgie smugglers on the beach in Corfu this summer is admirable.


Mr.D said...

National Yorkshire pudding day. What will they think of next?
Polar bear plunge day?
Marzipan Day?
Hot Sauce Day?
Compliment Day?
Backwards Day?

They already have all of these, and that's just in January!

PharmacyMichele said...

Thanks for the reminder-we're definitely having Yorkshire puddings tonight. Darrell is sticking to his diet remarkably well-I admire his determination.


Anonymous said...

Good job we had Yorkshires today, being the day that it is! Good for Darrell for sticking to his weight-loss regime, wish I could say the same was going on this household - although it certainly should be!
Maybe I should book a hot-holiday then the magic might happen here too! JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Darrell does have his eye on the prize! National Yorkshire Pudding Day is a worthy celebration and who wouldn't want to honour it's place as a classic?...You can't possibly have too many so another batch will be appreciated....Enjoy, Love, Dianne