Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Konditoreiüberprüfung - Köstlicher Brotleg aus Feinster Vollmilch Scokolade

Nigel has been unbelievably excited about being put in charge of making the selection of German confectionary, sent to us by our friends Ze Monkeys, to review.
Eszet SchnittenThis morning he selected the chocolate that you eat with bread for our delectation and considered deliberation,  to be honest, when we first opened our parcel and delved amongst its many delights, it was the one item that evoked most of our curiosity.
German ChocolateAnticipating our review, we had nipped up to Aldi where we had deliberated for some time as to what bread we should serve said chocolate, our bread of choice is usually “the much seeded one”, but perhaps placed between two slices of a white “Toastie” might be better ….. but in the end, taking into consideration the nature of the unusual filling, we opted for a bag of mini brioche rolls as the most appealing option.
german chocolate sandwichWe then decided against spreading butter on our rolls, going instead for a plainer, dry option, so flavours and textures would not get confused……
Nuss Nuss Nuss …… though Nigel couldn’t resist having just a tiny “naked” nibble without the bread.
German Chocolate Sandwich.Let’s just say we were very impressed and can’t believe that we have never thought of experimenting with the idea of a chocolate sarnie before now.
nom nom nomIt has to be said that from now on our packed lunches are certainly going to become much more adventurous, we just need to experiment with which pickle goes with chocolate the best, and decide whether a slice of tomato or cucumber would be over egging the butty?
Our understanding of German language is also a very wonderful extra bonus,  we may very soon become bilingual as we now know that “nuts” in German are “nuss”!
Chocolate sandwichconfectionary review
And our considered evaluation? Well, we all liked that the chocolate came in 8 slender pieces, which reminded us of thin Easter egg chocolate.  We wouldn’t say it was as creamy and rich as Cadbury or Galaxy chocolate, however it was still very pleasing, especially with the delicate pieces of hazelnut (vollmil?) mixed in.
So, we feel we have sampled well, and can thus award Eszet Vollmilch-Nuss Schnitten an unequivocal and well deserved 85.998 out of 101% of Teutonic noms ……. nom, nom, nom!


Mr.D said...

It certainly sounds nomtastic. It it a bit like Nutella?

PharmacyMichele said...

Nigel-what responsibility!!! Am so glad the choice was a good one-I'm intrigued now about chocolate for breakfast.....!!


Dianne said...

Brilliant idea, a chocolate sandwich.......anything that chocolate blends with would be a great addition!..what a fantastic opportunity to taste luscious German goodies.....enjoy!....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Interesting! Not something I can nip out and buy myself tho - so I trust your judgement. JantheFan x

marc said...

they sound fit for a star big showbiz wave hugh