Friday, 10 February 2017

Doing My Bit To Help Darrell.

I have become the proud owner of an Iceland Bonus Card.Iceland Bonus Card.I thought I would do my bit to help and encourage Darrell’s in his new eating regime ventures.  I will now be alerted via e-mail whenever there are any exclusive Slimming World offers “on” …… and considered comestible purchases can be made……..
Iceland Slimming World…… especially as Darrell has become quite partial to a Slimming World Syn free pork sausage and the odd Singapore Noodle.


Mr.D said...

I don't want an "odd Singapore Noodle," I wan't a normal one, thank you very much.

PharmacyMichele said...

That's a great idea-didn't know Iceland did a "loyalty " card. Will be great to get all the news early via email. Interesting review of the Lemon Pudding-shan't be trying that!


Dianne said...

Wonderful to have help and good support with diet choices; being aware of the offerings makes shopping and meal planning so much easier.....Darrell's dedication is enviable! ....Dianne

marc said...

do slimming world do a veggie dish yours a fat none animal eating fan