Thursday, 2 February 2017

Poundland, Found Lacking ….

There is one thing that Evesham lacks, which we all greatly pine for, and that’s a pound shop of any description, so despite Darrell and Nigel only paying a flying visit to the homeland, they did manage to find time to pop into Wolverhampton for a little pound shop therapy …….
Poundland Wolverhampton …… only to find that Poundland is now selling items that actually cost more than a pound, under the guise of “Special Buys” or “Managers Specials”. Poor Darrell had a terrible time calming down Nigel when he thought he could buy a whole stable of plush Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Flutterby My Little Ponies for Iris with his spending money, until Darrell pointed out the signs and that said Ponies were actually £6 each and not one pound, thus preventing much embarrassment at the till but causing crushing disappointment for Nigel .
fairy wingsIn the end, Nigel decided to buy Iris several pairs of fairy wings and a “proper” diamond encrusted tiara for Iris’s dressing up box for his return to the Towers and their reunion.
Wolverhampton PoundlandDarrell did say, that perhaps the visit wasn’t as productive as anticipated, his money, he said “….was safe”.  His return will be heralded by nothing more exciting than sticky foam pads, sequin stars, some chalkboard labels and a surprise pudding!


Mr.D said...

The surprise pudding sounds intriguing.
Poundland should get done under the trades description act.

PharmacyMichele said...

Such considered purchases-very wise. I haven't noticed our pound shops tempting shoppers with such expensive offers-will check this out in Saturday!


Dianne said...

Perhaps Poundland Plus would be a better name! Poor Nigel, the heartbreak when facing retail prices that shatter his loving gift giving....but fairy wings and a diamond tiara are a wonderful gift! Happy gift giving, Much Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

It's awhile since I have pur-chased from Poundshop, Poundland and the like. I must pop in next time I'm out shopping - but will remember your blog and put a fiver in my hand. The times they are achanging, as good old Bob D. sings. JantheFan x