Friday, 24 February 2017

Hurricane Storm Doris Hits!

Hurricane Doris hit the UK yesterday …… inside The Towers we were as snug as a bugs under a rug as the storm raged outside, but naturally curiosity got the better of Nigel, wanting to go outside to feel what being in the eye of a needle in a storm was like …….
storm doris 9…….. but there was no way I was going to let him go out alone, so I made Darrell go with him, while I checked our insurance policy!
storm doris 3The river was tempest tossed, although Darrell said it was hard to capture.  There were  crests on the waves and the barges and other boats were certainly doing a lot of bobbing.
storm doris 8There were also some very seasick looking ducks being tossed up and down, if they could have paddled over to Darrell and Nigel against the wind and tide, they certainly wouldn’t have been in the mood eat any bread.
storm doris 4Nigel and Darrell had been wearing bobble hats when they left the flat, but in the end had to give up trying to keep them on.
storm doris 6.....Darrell said it would have been almost romantic, had he been able to catch his breath and stop worrying about his hair ……  and …. worrying about Nigel being blown by a ferocious gust into the swell.storm doris 11But Nigel was wary anyway, and stayed well away from the waters edge and from under wildly bending branches
storm doris 10….. but noted that if you were one of those people who whimsically liked to collect kindling for your fire, there would be plenty to gather once Hurricane Doris had passed over.
I was glad to see them come back, windswept and out of puff, but in one piece. I said it might be best to batten down the hatches and watch the rest of the storm from the window, with Nigel keeping an eye out for “our” squirrels as their tree, opposite us was really taking a bashing, and prayed that all the boats in the marina were securely moored.


Mr.D said...

Hurricane Doris? Who names these things? It doesn't sound scary with a name like Doris.
It sounds like an old aunt, or the person who has run a tea shop for the last sixty years.
Scary would be Cruella, Morticia or Elvira.

PharmacyMichele said...

I'll bet that walk was rather bracing! I can't believe you ventured out in those winds yesterday-glad to hear you got back home safely.


Dianne said...

Being prone to seasickness, the choppy water makes me a little seasick just looking at it! We are seasoned hurricane "pros" here in Florida and you seem to have done well with Doris.....the roof and windows intact, electricity on, all a major plus.....Always a rush of excitement when Mother Nature is "having a wild day"!.... take care, Love you, Dianne

Mr.D said...
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