Sunday, 12 February 2017

German Confectionary Review - Lach Gummi

Nigel was up at 7.30 this morning, anxious to make his selection for our first German Confectionary Review.
German Treat BoxLach gummi 1
He deliberated for quite some time, but in the end decided on the Lach Gummi or as kindly translated by Ze Monkeys, Laughter Gums.
Lach Gummi 2 ..Let’s just say, they did not disappoint in the laughter department.
Lach Gummi 2Lach Gummi 4
Now, we don’t really advocate the playing with food, however we thought that with Lach Gummi it would be acceptable, in fact it was probably expected …… and de rigeuer in Germany.
Lach gummi 5Lach gummi 6
And as a result afforded much robust laughter at The Towers …..
lach gummi 7…… in fact we had to close the windows, just in case we could be heard on the other side of the river, and a boat sent over to see what was happening!
Lach Gummi 8And our score?  Well, it has to be an unprecedented 1001% on our Richter scale of Teutonic Noms, they delivered vigorously in all categories, TV snack appeal, aroma, nutritional value,  flavour, chewability and living up to their name!  We absolutely loved them, which bodes well for the other Germanic confectionary items our box.
stemmed Jar with gingham lidBut, we didn’t eat them all, we had to think about Darrell’s diet, so what was left has been put in our sweetie jar, to be partaken of as and when, but in moderation.
lach gummi 9However, I am, not sure how long Nigel will last!


Mr.D said...

The photos with the nomtastic sweets on your faces made me chuckle.

PharmacyMichele said...

You certainly made me giggle with the "wearing" of the laughter gums!! Glad you enjoyed your first sample.


Dianne said...

Oh what fun and how creative these gummi candies are! They do look yummy too; a win win treat. I would be at the treat jar for one of these way too often.....looking forward to the next treat review, Dianne

Anonymous said...

I might not have been able to partake in the 'Lach Gummi' tasting but giggles galore could be heard mucho around these parts. I didn't have to shut the windows though - no river around here for miles. JantheFan x