Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Lu’s Glorious Home From Home

Despite it being a flying visit to The Homeland, Lu has really made Darrell and Nigel feel very comfortable and instantly at home in her little corner of Wolverhampton …….
sofa comforts…… even down to the plumped up cushions and snuggly blanket on their own reclining sofa. She also, they tell me,  makes a most  excellent Cheeky Vimto Cocktail (port and blue WKD), amply accompanied by a fulsome supply of Revels and pork scratchings during their televisual viewing of Celeb Big Brother.  Lu certainly knows how to treat her men!
Lu's 1Lu's 2
Her home is lovely.
Beko washerNigel sighed a little when he saw our faithful old washer, due to the bijouxness of The Towers, space is of a premium and so we “inherited” the original integrated Hotpoint Washer Dryer ……. don’t get me started!!  Let’s just say …….. we are waiting for it to die!
decopatch tableDarrell and Nigel also reacquainted themselves with our old, beloved kitchen table, the scene of so many wonderful confectionary reviews, letter reading, parcel opening and much musing and pondering, sitting at it again after 7 months made Darrell sigh as Nigel had and misty up in the eye department  just a little.
Jo Malone Rose handwashLu's new house 1
And Lu’s newly transformed bathroom? It’s beautiful, really beautiful.  All Darrell and Lu’s trips to almost every single tile shop in the West Midlands and beyond, were so well worth it.
Lu's showeroblong sink
They done good …….. Darrell’s even doubted whether his design guru Kelly Hoppen could have done any better.
Lu's bedhome from home
Lu’s guest room is still in it’s embryo stage of planning,  but nevertheless is wonderful haven of cosiness and snuggledom …….  and it has something that Nigel is very, very taken by …….
Teasmade…… to wit, a teasmade! A lot can happen before now and Christmas, but he has already told Darrell that this brilliant machine could be a definite contender for when he sits down to write his letter to Santa this year.  What is he like?


Mr.D said...

Well done Lu!
You have talent, just like mum.

PharmacyMichele said...

Sounds like you all have a great welcome. I hope Darrell didn't overdo the Revels & Pork scratching or he won't want to go to this weeks weigh in!!


Dianne said...

Coziness and the comfort of the familiar family table make for a very home away from home visit.....many happy visits ahead in Lu's lovely home!....happy visit, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Dont mention the C word to me!!! But that teasmade does look very tempting. JantheFan x