Thursday, 8 September 2011

And So …… Another Year Begins In The Reprographics Department …..

Sandra's Spainish Sweeties
Darrell and I were in the office extra early yesterday morning for our first day back at work.  Sandra was there to greet us with a mahoosive bag of Spanish suckie sweeties from her holidays ……
andys nokia 047
They had funny faces on and tasted very romantic, evoking, for Sandra, happy memories of hot summer holiday in Spanish climes.
andys nokia 046
As we sat sucking our sweets, Sandra gave us a start of term pep talk, telling us that if we were ever vigilant to the levels of toner and paper we could look forward to a good year of reproducing …. well, we think that’s what she said.  Anyway we gave her a rapturous round of applause, I think at one stage Darrell even stood up and then we went straight to work, wanting to make Sandra proud that we could reproduce faster and better than she could ever have dreamed possible!  “Onwards, upwards and (if we have to) sideways but NEVER  downwards”  being our mantra for this year!


Mrs A. said...

It does pay to be diligant.Where I used to work they had an ideas scheme for saving the company money. Someone came up with the idea of using both sides of the copier paper and won a £25 M & S gift voucher. Hugs Mrs A.

Di said...

Reminds me of the time one wag dropped his trousers, hopped up and photocopied his bottom after over-indulging at the office Christmas lunch! No monkey business boys!! Di xx

Mr. D said...

Will you need a mahoosive amount of paper? Was the pep talk in Spanish after Sandra's holiday?