Monday, 5 September 2011

A Trip To Paignton Zoo

Paington Zoo 2Paignton Zoo 12
As this is the last day of our holiday, we thought we would give Nigel a treat and take him to Paignton Zoo.
Paignton zoo 9Paignton zoo 22
He was so excited and totally embraced the experience. He loved the giraffes, even if he said they smelt funny, but we explained to him that it was just nature, and the giraffe would probably think he whiffed a bit too if he got close enough.
Paignton zoo 11 Picture 259
The elephant came really, really close, which was a totally awesome and breathtaking. Nigel thought his ears looked like mahoosive naan breads!
Paignton Zoo 7  Paignton Zoo 8
The capybaras were my captivating animal of choice.
Paington Zoo 13
And Nigel’s was the crocodile. even though it never took his beady off him for a second…… but I don’t think Nigel’s constant tick tocking did him any favours!
paignton zoo 33
Nigel was very taken by the idea of some of the zoo gift experiences that were available…..
paignton zoo 25 paignton zoo 24
But we think that he might not be eligible because of strict height restrictions, which is put a bit of a downer on proceedings until we bought him a badge with a monkey on, that he had had his eye on.
Paington Zoo 14
Perhaps, when it’s nearer to his birthday, we could find someone who would allow Nigel to feed their hamster or gerbil as an animal feeding experience …… we shall see.


marc said...

looks like you had a good day lucky the croc had been feed monkey sandwiches with your spread of choice are a fav with that sort of reptial big love marc

Mr. D said...

Nigel looks to be the same size as an elephant!