Thursday, 22 September 2011

An Invasion Of Evil Giant Frogs?

Picture 257
Poor Nigel, he was having such a lovely time playing hide and seek in the garden with his best friend Marcel ….
Picture 267
……. until he went to find a place to hide near the patio doors …..
Picture 265
We heard a tiny little yelp and found Nigel stood rigid, eyes wide, head gently motioning towards what he thought was the beginning of an invasion of giant frogs coming from the garden, intent on invading the house for their own nefarious means …..
Picture 280
Darrell had to gently pick up a still transfixed Nigel and take him into the house to see the opposite side of the window …
Picture 270
….. to show him that the giant frog was actually a garden thermometer of a novelty type nature that had amused Andy greatly enough to purchase.  Poor Nigel, it took two cups of tea and three Hob Nobs to calm him down!

1 comment:

Mr. D said...

It looks like a Costa Rican tree frog that got lost.
Maybe Nigel as being sneaky and was trying to get the Hob Nobs.