Monday, 19 September 2011

Watching Clouds

Cloud watching
We were all in the garden making the most of the autumnal sunshine, looking at the clouds and pondering what they looked like.
cloud watching 1
“Mine,” mused Darrell “looks like a cat, sitting on a fence, licking his paws and wondering whether he is having Felix or Kit-e-Kat for his tea””
Cloud watching 2
I said that I thought my cloud looked like a huge crusty baguette
Picture 256
And then Nigel completely lowered the tone by announcing that his cloud looked like a big poo! 
Watching clouds 4
…… It didn’t help when Darrell collapsed with laughter…..
watching clouds 5
…. so much so that at one stage I thought I would have to call for medical assistance when I thought he had stopped breathing…..…
watching clouds 6
…. brevity could not be restored for at least half an hour. And then, when Darrell, had composed himself, he started taking pictures of the said cloud on his phone, sending them to Vinnie, Cyril, Hugh and Sevi.
Picture 264
What are they like? ….. I despair!


Mr. D said...

Best carry an asthma inhaler in the future - just in case.

marc said...

it made me laugth when i saw it big show biz wave Hugh its a boy thing toilet humour it works every time