Sunday, 25 September 2011

Darrell Does Under The Hammer.

Bridgnorth 1
Darrell has dreams of living in a cottage in Bridgnorth !
Darrell is quite a big fan of the programme Under The Hammer and is often saying he’d like to start off his portfolio and become a developer of a property type nature.  The fact that he knows nothing about properties, buying a house, renovations, etc. doesn’t seem to put him off!
Pic 1
Anyway, when he saw this one bed roomed  property up for auction in Bridgnorth, (one our favouritist places to go to on a Saturday),   he thought it looked “most romantic” in the estate agents picture and despite it needing a complete refurbishment he decided to go and have a look for himself.
House for Sale
In reality it was not quite as picturesque as Darrell had imagined, especially the ragged curtain blowing out of the broken upstairs window, which gave it a sort of Derek Acorah, infested by entities quality about it!
andys nokia 044
So after much soul searching in the Costa Coffee in the High Street,  with a vanilla latte and banana and pecan breakfast muffin ….
….. Darrell realised that for now his dreams of skipping down the streets of Bridgnorth, bidding good morrow to all the townsfolk he met along the way and living in what he  calls a biscuit tin cottage ……
Bridgnorth 3
…… may have to wait a little longer, but it’s good to have a dream because, to quote the song…….” you got to have a dream... if you don’t have a dream,  How you gonna have a dream come true?”


marc said...

heres to dreams hope yours come true for you big love marc

Mr. D said...

Bridgnorth is lovely. That sort of talk makes me happy!