Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Trip To Manchester To Take Benji To His New Home.

Saying goodbye to benji Darrell and I pose with Benji before our journey to Manchester
Our adoption scheme  has been even more successful than Darrell and I ever imagined it would be when we first started rescuing abandoned and unloved monkeys from e-bay. Most of our adoptees have gone on the bus with their bus fare to their new homes, to be greeted at the bus stop by their new families, but as Auntie Jan and Vinnie had an event on in Manchester, I asked if I could hitch a ride and take, Benji to his new home in a personal one to one , meet and greet type nature to his new residence with Chris and Roger.  
Picture 345
All I can say is Benji is one lucky monkey, his new home and garden are beautiful and Chris and Roger are a couple with a whole plethora of interests …. Benji was very excited to learn that he will be partaking in canoeing and cycling, dancing and barber shop harmony…. and may also have the opportunity to take on the role of  marshall at the next World Naked Cycle Ride through Manchester! 
Vinnie was a little envious of this role of a voluntary type nature, as he has never been involved in such an interesting event.  Benji said he hoped he would be allowed to wear an extra long marshalling tabard, but you could see in his eyes that he was ready to embrace the occassion when it eventually presented itself!
Picture 348
Benji sat in the kitchen, with a smile as broad as a Cheshire cat on his face, the smell of fresh coffee was wafting in the air and Danish pastries and posh chocolate biscuits (the ones that contain proportionally more chocolate content than biscuit content) had been laid out on a tray …..
posh biscuit
….. and I had no qualms about leaving him.Good Luck Benji
Arrivederci  Benji, ciao, and don’t be a stranger!


Mr. D said...

Very moving- in all sorts of ways.
Taking the biscuit logic to its extreme, why not cut out the biscuit completely and just eat chocolate?

The Krafty Cupcake said...

Always good to hear of a successful adoption. Wouldn't dream of being parted from my little fella (jeff monkey) Do need to get him some new clothes tho as he still has his reindeer jumper on that he came in! What am I like! Sue x

Monkey said...

Well Sue ..... we start wearing our Christmas garb from December 1 .... so hang on for another three months and jeff will be almost as festively on trend as us!!!

marc said...

i am with Mr D (great to see you post made me smile again ) just eat chocolate mind you it needs a bit of biscuit to help when you dunk it in your fresh ground coffee if i was that person on that bike i would def get a bigger saddle if they went over a bump who knows what could happen best not think about it before tea big love marc