Wednesday, 21 September 2011

In House Training

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Yesterday was an Inset Day, and although there weren’t any rush photocopying jobs to do, Sandra said that she wanted us to come in as she had planned a robust In House training session for us. We were very excited at the prospect because we thought that if we had a few more  skills of a reprographic nature under our belts we might be able to ask for a small pay rise, especially when the festive season looming before us.
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We arrived early, smartly dressed and with hands washed as Sandra has instructed. We were feeling a little trepidations, as this was our first training session, but when we saw that Sandra was wearing a badge that said “In House Lamination Development Officer”, as we knew that we were in the hands of a professional.
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Sandra had done a very informative PowerPoint presentation for us to watch, and she told us that we should listen very carefully as we would have to undergo a multiple choice test at the end of our training, as well as a practical demonstration of our newly acquired laminating skills.
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As we sat in front of the machine for the practical part of our training Sandra explained how to insert the sheets of paper to be laminated into the laminating pouches and then how to feed them gently into the already warmed laminator.
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Our first attempts were very successful and Sandra said that she was very impressed with the high level of aptitude we had shown in our laminationing. She decided to bring forward our theoretical multiple choice test and if we scored over 50% she would let us laminate for “real”
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Needless to say we passed the test with aplomb and while Sandra went to sign our Lamination Proficiency Certificates she set us a task of great importance…… laminating the RS Dept. photos .……
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…..but then things went horribly,  horribly wrong …… all those lovely photos had somehow become all mangled up …. our morti had never been so fied!
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Darrell muttered something about pride coming before a storm….. but when Sandra returned to the office, our certificates in hand,  we decided to be up front and honest with her and not hide what we had done up our jumpers, she tutted and sighed and then said philosophically, what’s  done is done and we still got our certificates!
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marc said...

boys i am proud of you that you did not hide but faced up to what had been done for in the end its best to be true to one self and others big love marc

lynne said...

Oh that doesn't look too bad...believe me it could have been much much worse!
I have a funny feeling there is a wee mouse living in the laminator in our 'reprographic room' (janitors cupboard really)because when its used you can here a squeeeek all the way down the corridor!

economy safety vests said...

I discovered your blog a months ago, and like all of the inspiring things you do. You are really a genuine and talented writer and decorator. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful projects, thoughts and ideas.

Mr. D said...

Ooops, my comment doesn't appear to have arrived. I often have to press "publish your comment" more than once for it to work.

I said something about not getting one's bits caught in the machine.

Mr. D said...

"In house training'" In school training surely?