Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Conkers 1
Darrell has been collecting conkers on the school field during his lunch breaks!  As soon as he got them home and showed me I made sure that he looked me straight in the eye so that I knew he was listening and then told him that you CANNOT make wine, beer or any other alcoholic beverages from conkers!
andys nokia 104
The slightly crestfallen look on his face told me straightaway that was what he had indeed been contemplating!
conkers 2
He hmmmmmmed in a disappointed fashion but  then I told him that if we put them in baskets throughout the house in a decorative type nature,  it would stop spiders coming inside the house.  At that his little face brightened up, as he has quite an aversion to the long legged creepy crawlies since reading somewhere that the average person eats four spiders in their sleep in a year and he worried that when he was asleep he didn’t know if his mouth was open or shut!
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So we took his conkers and put them in baskets, making sure that the biggest one went on his bedroom window sill.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hehehe that was a funny post :@D

marc said...

fab i bake them in the oven and then polish them with floor shine i just love them lots of conker trees in london have a dieseas that makes the leaves fall of early its very sad to see big love marc

Mr. D said...

You must be bonkers of you think conkers will conquer spiders. What about wearing a surgeon's mask when you sleep?

Mrs A. said...

Now you need to drill a few holes, thread with string and teach Darrell how to play Conkers! Ooops, have I started something now! Hugs Norm.

marc said...

Mrs A well done you thats a great british tradition that could be lost as most schools dont let kids play it now days due to health and safty in my day if you lost a eye you just wore a eye patch and thanked the gods you still had one good eye to see with when you went down the mines,lol kids know days are to soft lol big back in the day love marc