Tuesday, 13 September 2011

xxxx The Wee Story of Hamish and Winnie Our Adopted Grandma xxxx

First of all a mahoosive hello to Winnie ….. “HELLO WINNIE”  - Winnie is our new adopted Grandma!
andys nokia 083
Our path to friendship was forged by our making  a bit of a  cock up a fortuitous error, of sorts …. to cut a long story short, we were helping with the Crafty Blog 2nd Anniversary Giveaways, Nigel was in charge of doing the draws from the Teapot of Fortuitous Fate and we were supposed to contact the winners and sort out their prizes, but we had two winners called Lynda and we got very confused! 
andys nokia 084
However, when Lynda No.1 contacted us she was very understanding  and we felt an immediate rapport and after a couple of e-mails Lynda told us all about her mum Winnie who is 87 and said how much mum loved Darrell and was fascinated by all our on trend outfits. 
  andys nokia 085
Touched, Darrell at first said that he would send Winnie one of his special holey stones, but then Lynda sent a picture of Winnie to Darrell and he turned to complete and utter mush. It soon became quite clear that the feeling of love was mutual and Darrell wrote back almost immediately asking if Winnie would be our adopted Grandma as she was so lovely and looked exactly how a Grandma should look.
He also realised that a holey stone was a pants sort of a present for a new Grandma and decided that what she really needed one of our unloved and abandoned monkeys to keep her company in her sheltered accommodation. 
Hamish & Grandma
And that’s how our last monkey, Hamish, in need of  a new home, came to be living with Winnie……
It’s just like a wonderful magical fairytale, but only real life!
Now blow your noses ……..
H & J
…… and wipe your eyes …… but who’d have thought that at the beginning of our adoption adventure, we would have found our own adopted Grandma xx


Di said...

Fantastic! Winnie and Hamish look like a perfect team and now you also have an adopted Grannie. I love happy endings, sniff, sniff. Di xx

Athyn said...

Aww thats so cute.. sniff xxx

lynne said...

Aww Bless...good job I had a kleenex up my sleeve!

Mr. D said...

I know of children being adopted, also children and various animals in zoos even Paddington Bear from Darkest Peru but never Grandmas.

marc said...

Theres no one quite like a grandma o joy of joys and happy ending that you have found each other of to wipe my eyes as big boys dont cry we just sob big love marc

lynda said...

Dear Darrell,
This is Grandma Winnie x I don't know how to use a computer so my daughter Lynda is helping. I am overwhelmed - no - I am flabbergasted, in fact my 'flabber' has never been so 'gasted' EVER!! I have never had my photo 'published before. It is my priviledge to be your Grandma (much nicer than Nan don't you think?) Hamish sends his love and wants you to know that he is very happy. But the biggest love comes from me to you Darrell - you are my wee pet lamb - oops sorry I meant Monkey! Love & kisses from your Grandma xxxxxxxxx

Darrell said...


Karen said...

What a delightful story, I think Grandma Winnie is an excellent choice and Hamish looks very happy. Bravo xx