Saturday, 24 September 2011

One Step To Self Sufficiency Too Far …?

acorn bread
I think Darrell is spending far too much time nattering between photocopying runs. It seems that after Darrell mused to Mr B, the History teacher, that we appeared to have an abundance of fallen acorns on the school fields this year, Mr B informed him that the Native American Indians would grind acorns to make flour to make bread and cakes and as an ingredient (probably as a thickening agent) in stews.
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Darrell, being a sponge of a very empty type nature soaks up any sort of information like this, especially when it comes from Mr B, who he holds in very high esteem. So after work he took his SPAR carrier bag onto the fields to forage for acorns.
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He arrived home late, flushed with excitement, eager to start looking for acorn recipes on the internet and also a little embarrassed as the contents of his bag had spilt all over the Banga bus and the new grumpy bus driver was not very impressed!
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I am saying nothing…. and am just letting him sort it all out for himself, then perhaps it will go no further than him wondering as to where and how he can get his bag of acorns ground into flour and he gets bored.
Acorn Bread 1 And to be truthful I don’t entirely relish the thought of spreading my marmite on slice of hot buttered acorn toast!
For more ways to use acorns in your diet Darrell recommends -


marc said...

not to sure on the bread but they make nice earrings if you dry and varnish them or you keep the cap and varnish that and replace the acorn bit with a amber coloued bead i think there is a demo on the martha stuart web site big love marc

Julia Dunnit said...

Ugh! During the war I believe that acorns were used in a similar way to 'extend' coffee. Rather go through the shakes and wean myself of caffeine I think!

Mr. D said...

I was going to make the same comment about coffee during the war. In World War One, they also put bromide in the tea but that's another story.
Can you really forecast the weather with them? Better to look out the window or check the television or internet weather services.