Monday, 26 September 2011

Reviewers Of A Professional Type Nature, Michael Winner Look Out And A Blatant Display of Product Placement …..

Corsodyl 1
Yesterday we were almost rendered senseless speechless!  As you know, we like to do reviews on the new comestibles of a confectionary and other stuff type nature that  we find in our village SPAR or Tesco Express or sometimes, our lovely followers, send us little vittles they have found and request our considered opinion.
But never, ever did we imagine that a real life corporate type company would ask us to do a professional review for them …. but it seems that our reputation for using   our “nom scale”  to a evaluate products  has gone before us and now companies are clambering to be nommed by us!  How BRILLIANT is that?
We teach Michael Winner To nom
We are keeping the name of our first “proper” review under wraps for the moment, we don’t want Sandra, The Resources Lady and Boss to think that we might be leaving the rush photocopying world for a life not unlike that of Michael Winner (but without the diva type demands). However we are preparing our palettes in preparation for this honoured review by undergoing an intensive gargling, flossing and tongue combing programme.
How very, very exciting!


Di said...

Oh my - fame and fortune could be beckoning. Hank and Marvin are all agog here - they hopped out of bed when they heard me squeaking with excitement :)) Di xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Can't wait!

Mr. D said...

You will be doing telly adverts next! I hope the fame doesn't go to your heads! Will it be dark glasses and autographs in the future?

Mr. D said...

Is it the NCC by any chance?

marc said...

dont forget me if you need stunt doubles, voice overs , or even shots of the naked buff boady kind i am always willing to help out for air time yours with a big showbiz wave Hugh xxx (air kisses )