Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Confectionary Review – Guzzle Puzzles

We got home last night, very tired after a day of non stop  rush photocopying jobs, it was hard to keep our eyes open, but when we got through the front door there was a small packet on the mat addressed to us in what we instantly recognised as George’s handwriting.
Postcard from George 1
George (who has been adopted by Jackie and Lewis) had been on holiday in Ireland and had sent us a very romantic postcard showing pictures of the various Celtic Railways …
Postcard from George
He had also enclosed a packet of a confectionary type nature, suggesting that as we are now regarded (highly) as connoisseurs of the sweetie bag, we might like to do a review.
Guzzle Puzzle
The sweets in question were Guzzle Puzzle by The Natural Confectionary Company and their unique quality is that they fit together in a number of combinations to make a different flavours. 
Guzzle Puzzle 3
This is a totally new concept to us as we have always been taught to put just one sweet at a time in our mouths (including smarties, though we confess to having a rebellious sneaky mouthful on several occasions)
Guzzle Puzzle sweets
First, we tried each sweet singularly to familiarise ourselves with the individual flavours and then after a swig of water to cleanse our palettes we started to combine them. Nigel and Darrell opted for the orange and banana combo to make bubblegum and I went for lime and cinnamon to experience cola, (the taste of cinnamon makes Darrell heave, so this was a combo he wouldn’t try!)
andys nokia 080
Then we felt as we had taste buds of a discerning and refined nature,  we started experimenting making our own combos, trying three/four sweets at a time with some startling results, we think we made an acceptable popcorn, rhubarb crumble and custard, fig and prune,  and beans on toast, which was Nigel’s suggestion, love him!
andys nokia 082
Nigel also discovered that the sweets with a bobble on the end made an amusingly tasty dummy!
Anyway we liked Guzzle Puzzles enormously and gave them 9 noms.  We liked their soft, not too chewy texture, the naturalness of the flavours and the fact that they gave us so much stimulus for intellectual debate when collectively discussing our experiences after experimenting with various flavour combinations. Thank you George for thinking of us and hope you enjoyed our considered review xxxx


marc said...

i have sent them a email telling them just how good you are at sweet reviews and how we trust your nomtastick taste buds to show us the way to nom nom treats lets hope they send you thanks and who knows may be a few of their of sweet treats big love marc

Mr. D said...

I'm not a cinnamon fan either. Zero or minus one noms for it. Cinnamon ruins other foods in my opinion.
What a great idea for sweets. What about apple and custard flavour?