Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A Fresh As When The Pods Went Pop!

When we got home from our Cockle Cottage holiday the first thing we wanted to see was how our pea crop was doing, which Granddad had been watering for us every day in a very diligent type nature.
5 A day
The pods are now mahoosive, all beautiful, green and plump……. and ready to eat!
Harvesting peas
Nigel quickly spotted the one he wanted to try …..
Pea Pod
What is he like?
Peas please
We all felt immensely proud that one of our first ventures towards self preservation, sufficiency has been so successful ,  but realised that we wouldn’t have got to this momentous popping stage without Granddad and his watering can of  pea plumping powers
Fresh Peas
We don’t think any of these peas will actually reach a saucepan ….
Picture 358
We plan to pop them while we sit outside on the garden bench enjoying the last of the sunshiney days. Peapoddingtastic.  Noms? Off the Richter scale!!!


Di said...

Not wishing to stir things in any way you understand- if you don't want to waste the pods, then pea pod wine is meant to be very nice! Di xx

Monkey said...

Di ...... PLEASE, PLEASE, don't start Darrell off ..... or you might find yourself with an unexpected lodger!!!

Di said...

Always room for more here! But, remember to get him to take his verruca plaster off again, only sayin'!! :)) Di xx

marc said...

pea pod wine is a rare and magical drink i have heard it it like the nectar of the gods to monkeys but i could have heard wrong who can say till you try lol big love marc

Mr. D said...

Mahoosive - that's a new word for me. Pea soup, pea pod wine, mushy peas, what a choice.