Thursday, 15 September 2011

Nigel Goes Foraging For Berries

Nigel has taken our sourcing for local products very much to heart, so when he came in yesterday all excited and saying something along the lines of  “I’ve sourced some local blackberries.” ……..
Picture 229
……. we decided to encourage his enthusiasm and his independency, gave him a bowl and told him to “Pick vigorously of the fruit of the blackberry bush, and we shall bake apple and blackberry pie with your plunder”
Well, it turns out that the local source was the small bush across the road.
Picture 226
….. And his foraging plunder numbered just three blackberries (the others were erm …. a bit squidgy).  But we praised his efforts and let him have the blackberries for himself.  Bless him!
Picture 227
He nommed happily to himself, feeling proud that he had now become a provider for our family!


Mr. D said...

This brings back childhood memories of going into the wilds with my family. We kids used to eat more than we collected. Vitamin-C-tastic.

marc said...

me to mr D i still do ricks dad had so many apples and plums on his trees this year we had over 60pounds of plums
Good to see Nigel is taking care of things big love marc

Di said...

Blackberry wine? Just sayin' :) Di xx

Monkey said...

Di ....... please, Please, please shhhhhh

lynne said...

My blackberries(brambles up here)are soaking in gin hopefully ready for drinking at Christmas. Quite a high 'NOM'factor me thinks!

Monkey said...

Please ..... if you must mention beverages of an alcholic nature .... please whisper .... as Darrell has been looking at abundant elderberries within our vacinity!