Wednesday, 28 September 2011

We Know Autumn Is Here …

andys nokia 081
….. because Darrell has found the first Daddy Long Legs of the year to seek shelter and warmth  on our landing windowsill.
andys nokia 083
I dared him to touch one of its legs, but Darrell said that he would have an attack the hebby-jebbies if it moved and started flittering and fluttering all over the shop …….  and as window is on the stairs, it would be a major health and safety issue if he fell down them during his said hebby-jebbies!  So we are just taking bets to see how long it stays there without moving!


Mr. D said...

Botth Darrell and the daddy long legs could have a stay still competition. Who would win?

What is a female daddy long legs called? A mummy long legs?

marc said...

MR D are daddy long legs a spider or a insect i say insect but they beef them selfs up by pretending to be big butch scary spiders big not to keen on any thing insectspider like love Hugh

Mr. D said...

Are you ready for some Science? Tom the Scientist may be able to confirm this:
Pholcidae are a spider family and they are commonly called daddy long-legs spiders.
Confusion often arises because the name "daddy long-legs" is also applied to two related groups: the harvestmen (which are arachnids but not spiders), and crane flies (which are insects).
I got help from Mr. Google and Mr. Wki for this.