Thursday, 29 September 2011

Cuckoo Spit ….. Yuk!

Lavendar Fields
The thought of cuckoos flying about willy nilly and spitting randomly all over my lavender isn’t a particularly pleasant  or edifying thought.
cockoo spit
Then Auntie Jan told me that cuckoos spitting is a myth as they don’t actually have the throat-al mechanisms to spit. She said that the secretions that I have found on my said lavender plants were really the result of some beetle rubbing it’s legs together, which is equally as disgusting ….. I think I had better look on Wikipedia to get the real factoids.


Mr. D said...

I had lavender in my garden in England. Great smell.
Nice word, "throat-al."

marc said...

Stephan's mum grows lavender and sunflowers for the perfume and oil markets in the south of France when we go to see her its so pretty all purple and yellow and it smells lovely she also makes lemonchello which is 90% prof i could get the recipe for Darrell if he would like it lo big bad love Marc

Monkey said...

I seem to be waging a constant battle with followers who seem determined to help Darrell in turning our home into a distillery!

marc said...

there ant nothing like moonshine to make a house a home lol big love marc