Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Darrell, Taking A Part In Historical History

WGHS School Photo
To celebrate the centenary of the school where we work,  it was decided that a special photograph should be taken with everyone in the school on it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there as I had been sent on a course about binding machines which Sandra the Resources Lady  thought would be invaluable to my career and CV, but Darrell was there to take keen interest and to represent both Nigel and I.
 WGHS School Photo 1
He said that watching the men set up the camera and all the scaffolding was fascinating, and then seeing how they organised everyone to be in the just right position utterly amazing.
WGHS School Photo 2
Darrell waited patiently for his time to be called …... feeling very honoured to be included, after being told that he was now regarded as “very much part of the school”.
andys nokia 053
Finally, he took his position between the Maths and History Ladies. He said he felt a great of occasion as he stood with his head held high, his back straight, with his hands behind his back and his best photograph smile on his face.
andys nokia 057
….. and then after three shots it was all over……
 andys nokia 066
Darrell decided to hang back for a while after everyone had gone, to ponder what he had just been part of ….
andys nokia 065
…… the picture will probably hang in the school corridor long after we have gone and if one day, in hundreds of years time it is deemed unimportant and constrained to an old cellar, perhaps a Professor of an Archaeological type nature will re-discover it and wipe away the dust and cobwebs to look at it very carefully under his magnifying glass and spot a little monkey on the second row to the left and wonder who it was and what role he had played…….   Makes you go all spine-chingley doesn’t it?


Mrs A. said...

It certainly does. Hugs Norm.

Di said...

Wow - they could be wondering what subject Darrell was teaching even. Wine making? Snort :)) Di xx

Mr. D said...

Was it one of those cameras that moves so you can be in more than one place on the photo?
Darrell could have been seen all over the place!

Diane said...

I still remember the day when I had my photo taken at this school (50 years ago)and I still take it out and look at it. But there wasn't a monkey on the front row! :( xx

marc said...

you are a big part of the school now and who know in a 100 years time monkeys may rule the world i have seen planet of the apes who knows you could be just the first step to change big future in your hands love Hugh

Mr. D said...

I think the world would be a better place if Darrell were in charge.