Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Mega Surprise of A Guzzle Puzzle Type Nature!

Guzzle Puzzle 3
Nigel was the first to hear the Postman ring yesterday morning and dashed to see what he had bought, …… it turned out to be a maahossive parcel that he just couldn’t manage on his own…….
Guzzle Puzzle 2
….. so I went to help him, calling Darrell from upstairs see what we had found, it was addressed to all of us and bore a Cadburys frank!!!
Guzzle Puzzle parcel
The tension was of a humgungous and tangible type nature as we all sat at the kitchen table to open it and peer inside -
A letter From Guzzle Puzzle
It was from The Natural Confectionary Company, they had seen our review on Guzzle Puzzle sweets! We think they had been lured drawn to it by our lovely No.1 fans Jan the Fan and Marc.
Letter From Guzzle Puzzle
As I read out the enclosed letter our gast had never been so flabbered!  They said they that had enjoyed what we had written about their Guzzle Puzzle sweets and especially liked our pictures. How BRILLIANT is that?
Guzzle Puzzle 1
And then …………….  when we took everything out of the parcel we were again stunned into silence ….. there were piles of bags of sweeties  (which we will indeed review at a later date), a Guzzle Puzzle cap and keyring for each of us plus lots of pens for us to share with all our friends.  We felt very blessed in a Hello Magazine type way by all their great kindness.
Guzzle Puzzle
Poor Nigel didn’t know where to put himself he was so overcome!
Guzzle Puzzle 4
Naturally, it would have been rude not to open just one bag of sweets to try them, so we selected the bag of “Wild Things” ……… Darrell chose a dragonfly while Nigel and I tried a Monkey (but not in a cannibalistic type way) nom, nom, nom is all we can say!
guzzle puzzle
And then we got to thinking …… though we very much  love our work helping Sandra with rush photocopying jobs at school, should we be offered  permanent positions in the confectionary world to do our reviews professionally we think we could be swayed!


Mr. D said...

Wow - isn't that wonderful!

Did the wild things make your hearts sing?
Just who is Cadbury's Frank?
Have you met him before?
Is he a bore?
Did the wild things include a wild bore?
Questions, questions, questions.

Mr. D said...

Mrs. G - you are my flavour of the month!

Mrs G said...

Awwwww Mr D xxxxxx

marc said...

Hats of to the very kind frank from Cadburbys for reconicing your taste bud talants , he seems like a sweet kind of fallow you will have to put pen to paper and thank him for the parcel and add him to your growing list of friends i hope you get your dream jobs big love marc

marc said...

ps Mr D your a bit sweet spoken have you been on the jam lol big love marc

KraftyKaren said...

Ah what a fab parcel and you all look so cute in your hats.

Karen x

Paddington fan said...

George is thrilled to bits now that he has been able to read your confectionery review of the Guzzle Puzzle sweets. We have had a very poorly broadband for some days so we weren't able to load all the pictures until now!! By a spooky coincidence George bought some Wild Things at the weekend whilst down at the supermarket and is also quite keen on them. Nom,nom, nom!! You all look great in your new hats!! Love George & Lewis xx