Sunday, 11 September 2011

I Love Manchester

Big Wheel Manchester
I usually come to Manchester during October/November when there is a lull in the world of rush photocopying, but since I had the opportunity to drop Benji off in person I decided that it would be rude not avail myself once more of Manchester's facilities.
Costa Coffee Manchester
And naturally my first port of call was to one of Manchester's many fine Starbuck establishments. It was far too early in the year to ask for an egg nog latte, my annual trip to Manchester Starbuck beverage of choice, so I opted for an ordinary grande latte instead.
Costa Coffee Manchester 1
But I could not be tempted away from my usual cake of choice when in Manchester …. my once a year cinnamon swirl!
Costa Coffee Manchester 3
While Auntie Jan took our tray to the table,  I went to the “condiment” station …. I can never decide which sprinkles to have on my latte …. but after a queue started building up behind me and I could hear a bit of tutting,  I chose a shake of chocolate with another of vanilla on the top ….. nom, nom, nom.
Manchester Costa Coffee 4
Starbuck-flippingtastic! And as a bonus Auntie Jan found she couldn’t manage all of her her lemon and poppy seed muffin, so I answered her plea and helped her finish it off too!
Harvey Nicholls Manchester
To work off my little snackette I checked out Harvey Nichols. It would be wonderful if one day Darrell could go in and do one of his Gok Wan makeovers for one of our adoptive monkeys, but on a limited budget it’s a bit more expensive than Primark.
I Love Manchester
I also had a look at the “We Love Manchester” wall started in the Arndale Centre after the riots ….. and put up a little note of my own, because I really DO love Manchester.
Paperchase ChairPaperchase Chair 1
Paperchase was our next port of call for some postcards and a chance to rest my legs on this wonderful paper covered chair …. which gave me a few creative ideas of my own.
Picture 336
And finally I went into a mahoosive pick and mix shop to get a smorgasbord of confectionary to take home for Nigel and Darrell ……
Sugar Cane Manchester
….. false teeth, wiggly worms, milk bottles, fried eggs, jelly bugs, sprogs, spotty buttons, that sort of thing,  a nomming veritable feast of sweetie delights!


Di said...

I was loving this account of your trip Monkey - but it's before breakfast and I have a delicate constitution so had to close my eyes when I got to ' wiggly worms, jelly bugs and sprogs' :)) Di xx - waves from Hank and Marvin!

Bee and Dee said...

Really glad you enjoyed your trip to Manchester, I miss it from my uni days. hugs Dee

Mr. D said...

I always have hot chocolate when I go to Starbucks. I always indulge in a huge shake of chocolate and a touch of vanilla.
Milk bottles - they take me back to my childhood - last week.
Almost a perfect day - minus the egg nog latte.