Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Vinnie Games Maker for London 2012–(The Aquatics Centre) ….

News and photos of Vinnie’s adventures as a Games Maker to the London 2012 Olympic Games are coming in thick and fast now ….. and his insider insight is very erm …. insightful and exciting …..
SAMSUNG            He told us that on the evening of the Olympic Opening Ceremony, after showering and talcing all his crevices, he went down to the Student Lounge of the Astor College where he is staying to be greeted by a wondrous Olympic feast set up by the Hockey Games Makers who kindly invited Vinnie and all the other Games Makers staying there to, to partake and join in the festivities and ribaldry …..
SAMSUNG            Vinnie said that there were a mahoooosive amount of Mr Kipling Bakewell tarts and Pringles of all flavours …. nom, nom nom!
SAMSUNG            ….. and although they all had to be up for a 4.15am start, there was also an Olympic drinking game ….. he said they all had to down a shot whenever the Red Arrows were shown flying in formation during  the coverage and two shots for a James Bond type stunt etc. it all sounded so robustly and romantically riotous ….
SAMSUNG            When the National Anthem was played everyone stood up very  nationalistically and cheered the Queen …. even if some were a bit wobbly on their feet by then!
SAMSUNG            Vinnie doesn’t usually imbibe a lot…. but overwhelmed and surrounded by Olympic fervour, and everyone’s love for the Queen and Sebastian Coe ….  plus the altruistic spirit and companionship of his fellow Games Makers, it would have been rude NOT to have joined in, even if it did give him very loud hiccups! Vinnie didn’t elucidate on how well Paul McCartney’s  performance went down with the Games Makers ….. perhaps by then …. it was down a bottle in one!!!


tilly said...

loving the 'inside news' from the games lol, yesterday the announcer said....over to the Aquatic centre for something very different...... I really expected to see Vinnie after his fame on the first day with the TV camera's....... how dissapointed was I not to see him!!

Mr.D said...

I didn't have Vinnie down as a ribald person but I expect it was to do with the atmosphere and the drink. Sounds like fun nonetheless.
Her Madge the Queen showed a cunning stunt with Jimbo Bond.
I have got a ticket to see Brazil at the Olympic Football tomorrow. I will no doubt shout a lot.

Anonymous said...

Vinnie is certainly living the high life as well as being an official but unofficial Olympic behind the scenes reporter to us adoring Mum's Monkey readers....love seeing all the pictures and Vinnie is looking particularly handsome in this impressive Olynpic setting these days!...Dianne

Allie Jolliffe said...

Talk about living the dream!!! My pride is swelled almost to bursting by the fact I "know" a Games Maker!