Friday, 22 March 2013

How The Other Half Live …..

090We sometimes have to admit to getting a little bored during our lunch hour and so yesterday Nigel and I decided to afford a little of our time in visiting a nearby “Luxury” Show Home to see how the other half live …..
…… and what we could get for the odd £730,000 we might just happen to have hanging around, going spare!
OMG …… oh,  to be a footballer’s wife’s husband ….. never have I seen so many rooms with en-suite facilities ….. or four cookers in one kitchen!!!
049Nigel and I decided that this was a house that could offer a lifestyle that we all easily become robustly accustomed too ….
…. and immediately availed ourselves of its comforts as we made ourselves at “home”
However, The Wolves Suite was a little “common” for our taste, it even had Wolves towels in the en-suite wet room!!!  ….but each to his own ….
041I couldn’t help but notice that the decor was very magnolia and white with silver and woody overtones, and was therefore, surprising, not unlike the interior design of Chateau Castle Grey Squirrel, even down to the sequined scatter cushions (but ours are gold)……
078Homebase Chandalier
and ….. to one of the bedroom chandeliers ….. so for three humble and ordinary monkeys it’s quite apparent that we have discernable and unquestionable taste, worthy of a Hello Magazine photo shoot,  which made me come over all Linda Barker and Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen with pride!
Nigel was very taken by the Winnie The Pooh Room and the walk in wardrobes …. which he said were “even biggerer”, than his own bedroom!!!
083We can all dream ….. but at the end of the day I was able to walk away and say ….. that with all those marble floors, wet rooms and gleaming en suite facilities to keep clean ….. and white sofa’s that you could never eat your tea on a tray on …..
….. be it everso humble ….. there’s no place like Castle GreySquirrell!!


Anonymous said...

I can hear the violins playing now boys! JantheFan x
p.s. so if your numbers come up in the lottery line up you wouldn't want the money to buy yourself a new home? Just pass the squillions onto me then will you - I'm not averse to 4 ovens in my kitchen and a wet room here and there. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was worth all that money and you've clearly got just as nice furnishings (and in the case of the white show home sofa more practical ones) at home! x

marc said...

O Darlings just think of the money yu save on cleaners ect one is better of in ones home and your taste is the best ever big show biz wave Hugh and who needs 4 ovens thats why they invented resturants

Anonymous said...

you do look very much at home in those opulent surroundings....but it is all a bit much for me...definitely need a cleaning crew to manage all that! Since I am a non-cook, I would want a cook to go with those four ovens! Your good taste showcased at Chateau Castle Grey Squirrel creates the just right "no place like home" of the heart and soul...fascinating to see all that though..Dianne

Mr.D said...

En suites in the kitchen?
Not hygienic.
En suite in the lounge?
No thanks.
The house is so posh that even the en suite has an en suite.