Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mother’s Day Treats Akimbo … With A Slight Tinge Of Sadness.

026Nigel is so proud of “his” kitchen, that he was desperate to share with Darrell all the Mother’s Day comestibles they had created for the young ladies to purchase for their mums for Mothering Sunday.
Mothers Day TreatsHe showed Darrell the trays iced cookies ….
Mothers day biscuits….. which were then romantically packed in cellophane bags with heart shaped chocolates.
Mothers Day Treats in the kitchen ….. and the exceedingly morish fudge and toffee combos which was similarly packaged ….
020…….and  then there were the beautiful and so on trend cup cakes….
Mother's Day Cup Cakes….. some to “eat in”….
Mothers Day Cup cakes.…. and some in special ribbon festooned boxes to take home.
Mothers day boxed muffinsDarrell was overwhelmed at the variety of goodies and also declared his robust pride in Nigel for his love and commitment to “his” aforementioned kitchen ….. but then couldn’t help but get a little emotional  ….. because as you all probably know, Nigel (and we) don’t really know who Nigel's mum is/was, he came to us in a special limited edition pack of PG Tips a couple of Christmas’s ago ….., but then to be honest, all we really need to know is how much we love him ….
Mothers Day Cup Cake treatsThen casting aside all manly sniffs Darrell and Nigel made their considered purchases …… to share with Lucy, for tea on Sunday
working the tills…. and finally Nigel demonstrated  to Darrell how, after an intensive, gruelling and prolonged training session, he could now use the till and therefore take for their items himself …… we are so proud!


marc said...

they looked lovely but they need crafty mums flair for packaging things she would have made those biscuites look so much more nigel you dont think your a clone do you as your friend marcial looks like you and you do have a si fi sort of born in a lab brain big show biz wave Hugh dont take no notice Nigel your one of a kind in your heart you are a individuale even if you come from clone stock big love marc

Mr.D said...

What wonderful biscuits. Just the job for Mothers' Day.

Dianne said...

Beautiful treats to share and celebrate Mother's Day with those who nurture and care for you.. dear Nigel, it is a wonderful gift to be as unique and special as you are and so loved by your family....they appreciate you exactly as you must have fantastic ancestry!.....Dianne