Friday, 15 March 2013

Nigel’s Marathon Bush Tucker Trail (But Indoors and In England & Without The Grubs & Stuff) …. 10.00am

009There was a sense of tangible and palpable excitement as word got round amongst the young ladies of Nigel’s Marathon Bush Tucker Trail (but indoors and in England & without the grubs & stuff …. or Ant and Dec) ….
Comin Relief red nose cup cakes 2013…. and as a tribute and to encourage him in his Comic Relief Red Nose gastronomic endeavours they had been busy making him a “few” Red Nose Cup Cakes with robust vigour …..
018Nigel made a point of thanking each and every young lady for helping his cause …. and for creating a most wonderful Red Nose cupcake splat he had ever seen …..
Comic relief 2013 Red Nose Cup Cakes All that was left for him to do then was for Nigel to chow on down and work his way through the aforementioned splat , his system battling all the time against the potential effects of a mahooosive intake of red food colouring ….. what a hero …..!!!


Anonymous said...

Now you're talking PROPER food Nigel - send me half a dozen of those buns. Looks like you might need some help to get through all of those. Go Nigel - Go! JantheFan x
p.s. Well done you girls!

Anonymous said...

magnificent cupcake display...a real honour for Nigel and a super show of confidence....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Finally a treat for the little soldier!

marc said...

LET THEM EAT CAKE THATS WHAT I SAY big show biz royal wave Hugh

Mr.D said...

A cup cake is huge in relation to Nigel. At least it isn't more fruit.